Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Roosevelt Island

We just can't keep up with Pappy's Fella in the Blog department. But we did have our first swimming experience today. What fun, though the camera(s) were forgotten to record for eternity Maggie's first swim. Roosevelt Island located off of the George Washington Memorial Parkway North was where Mags first pounced after Ellie into the rather tepid waters of the Potomac River. It was 6:00 AM and we had the entire island to ourselves. Most fun was running down the wooden walkway built over the marsh. Ellie, Andy and Mags would chase each other back and forth making loud echo sounds throughout the marsh. Jumping off the planks into the marsh muddying their feet and then slipping and sliding themselves back onto the walkway. When we reached the Potomac's edge Ellie went flying out into the water after her ball. Mags watched a couple times, then splashed in after her. Andy sat stone-like at the water's edge trying to avoid any contact with water. It was all very exciting until we got home and had to be bathed --- Maggie's first real bath. Not too much fun.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


"...obedient, intelligent, self-assured and have an extremely strong guarding instinct. Perhaps surprisingly, this does not make the dog a vicious unsociable animal, because the Boerboel was in constant proximity to the farmers and their children, a badly behaved or aggressive dog was unacceptable and would, perhaps rather harshly, have been put down. This very selective and practical breeding ethic has created a loving pet with an even temperament that is happiest in a family environment, where he can put his protective instincts into action when required. Boerboels are not born with all the information they need to live among us humans, please remember as an owner it is your responsibility to raise, educate & care for your dog" http://www.boerboelclub.co.uk/